Named Scholarships

Creating a named scholarship can offer an opportunity to reduce the financial burden on our students and boost your social responsibility impact. Here are additional ways that you can donate to the scholarship fund:

Expendable Scholarships

Donors may establish this scholarship with a gift of over $10,000 or more, and it can be paid over five years. It will be awarded to scholarship recipients within 12 months of receipt of funds. The scholarship will be named in the donor’s honor and will align with your eligibility criteria. For instance, this scholarship can be used as part of your employee education programs to retain or attract employees, or you can select students from a certain region or demographic (i.e. specify that it should only be used for first generation students or those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds).

Endowed Scholarships

A minimum contribution of $50,000 is required to establish an endowed scholarship. A percentage of the contribution’s earnings from the permanent fund is used to award the scholarship each year. Pledges may be paid over a five-year period. This scholarship will be named in the donor’s honor and will align with our existing eligibility criteria or your specified criteria. 

Gifts in Memory/Honor

You can choose to make donations in honor or memory of a special individual, friend, alumnus, or teacher. This donation will be specified in honor of the designee in our donor recognition area.

For more details or specifics about Named Scholarships, please schedule a call via Calendly or email

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