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Support the Power of Food to Transform Communities and Lives

Food brings communities together. By making a gift to the Escoffier Scholarship Foundation, you support the restaurants that benefit from a better-educated workforce. Your generous donation supports culinary students, enriching the cultural fabric of our communities through our restaurants, cafés, food trucks, and more.
A gift of just $10 monthly ($120 annually) qualifies you as a Foodie Partner.

Or make a 1-time Donation.

How your gift helps

Strong restaurants provide employment, bridge differences, and build community.

3 escoffier culinary students embrace for a photo in the kitchen
Advance Education

From single parents to underprivileged youth, your gift could bring a formal education and a culinary future that might otherwise be out of reach.

an escoffier culinary student feeds goats through a fence as part of the farm to table experience
Drive Culinary Innovation

The future of humanity is tied to the future of food and educated food leaders. Consider how your gift can impact sustainable farming, global climate issues, and nutrition and health.

a smiling african american chef proudly displays a plated gourmet dish in a restaurant kitchen
Create Good-Paying Jobs

Educated culinarians are better-paid culinarians! The restaurant industry is expected to add 200,000 jobs, with employment reaching 15.7 million by the end of 20241. Let’s make those jobs desirable.

For Opportunities to Connect with Foodies, Industry Leaders, and Escoffier Students and Alumni, consider joining our

ESF Partnership Program

You can also make a 1-time Donation.

Foodie Circle

$10 per month / $120 annually

Fellowship Circle

$100 per month / $1,200 annually

Everything in the Foodie Circle, and
silver fellowship circle badge

Director Circle

$500 per month / $6,000 annually

Everything in the Fellowship Circle, and
gold director circle badge

Founder Circle

$750 per month / $9,000 annually

Everything in the Director Circle, and
black founder circle badge

Create a Named Scholarship!

Create a Named Scholarship established in honor, name or memory of an individual, group, organization, or business.

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