Eligibility Requirements

Who is Eligible?

The Escoffier Scholarship Foundation (ESF) has transitioned from merit-based to need-based eligibility starting January 1, 2023.


The Escoffier Scholarship Foundation has been established to assist students who demonstrate a passion for culinary and pastry arts but require additional financial assistance associated with direct1 institutional costs.

The (ESF) has a limited number of individual student awards up to $500 that will vary in number based off each respective term start date and funds available. For residential students, (ESF) has a limited number of $1000 awards. The institution will review student eligibility during the financial aid process and notify the students that were selected. Students must remain in good standing based on the conditions below to receive disbursements.

The disbursement eligibility criteria are listed below:

The (ESF) funds will be disbursed at the time of financial aid awarding and can only be applied a maximum of one time per student.

1The (ESF) funds are not available for stipends

Mark Your Calendar for These Important Dates!

Applications Accepted

Aug 29-Sep 16


Awards Announced:
September 28, 2022


On-Campus: September 26, 2022
Online: September 28, 2022

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